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Date Venue Notes
images available Unknown "The Boardwalk Basement Demo Tape" Includes Lock All The Doors and Setting Sun
Unknown Boardwalk Rehearsal (6 Tracks) - Boardwalk; Manchester, UK
images available Unknown Boardwalk Rehearsal (All Around The World) - Boardwalk; Manchester, UK
Unknown Studio Demos Definitely Maybe demos
Unknown "Whatever Demos" (MickDude)
Unknown "Real People Demos" (MickDude) "Cloudburst" and "Columbia" only
Unknown "Definitely Maybe Demos" (MickDude)
images available Unknown Ignition 4 Track Demo Tape RARE Promo Tape
images available Unknown Ignition 5 Track Demo Tape RARE Promo Tape
Unknown Officially Released Demos - Definitely Maybe 2014 Reissue
images available Unknown Whitfield Street - Safety Copy of Masters
Unknown 8 Track Demo (Official Release) "Alive"
Unknown White Label Demo (Promo/Official Release) "Columbia"
Jan 5 Boardwalk; Manchester; (Supporting the Essence)
Mar 1 La Bateu; Liverpool 
Mar 11 'Oasis: Live Demonstration' - Real People Studios; Liverpool, UK Infamous demo tape
Apr ?? Krazy House; Liverpool 
May ?? Boardwalk; Manchester 
images available May 31 King Tuts Wah Wah Hut; Glasgow, Scotland (Supporting 18 Wheeler)
Jun 18 University; Manchester; (Supporting Dodgy)
Jul 3 Boardwalk; Manchester 
Jul ?? La Bateu; Liverpool 
images available Aug 11 Hit the North, BBC Radio 5 Performance + 1st Broadcast, NEW Off-Air Master Tape
Sept-Oct Studio Demos (Loco Studios / Out of the Blue Studios) Digsy's Dinner, Live Forever & Shakermaker
Sep 8 The Duchess of York; Leeds  (Not Sept 11th according to Tony McCarroll)
Sep 14 Canal Bar; Manchester; In the City 1993 
images available Sep 15 Hit the North, BBC Radio 5 2nd? Broadcast Date
Oct 7 University; Manchester; (Supporting Liz Phair)
Oct 14 University; Manchester; (Supporting the Milltown Brothers)
Oct 27 University; Keele; (Supporting BMX Bandits)
Oct 28 University; Sheffield; (Supporting BMX Bandits)
Nov 1 Wherehouse; Derby; (Supporting BMX Bandits)
Nov 3 Wulfrun Hall; Wolverhampton; (Supporting BMX Bandits)
Nov 4 Powerhaus; London 
Nov 28 University; Sheffield; (Supporting CNN)
Dec Signal Radio, Manchester
Dec 1 Institute; Birmingham; Supporting St. Ettienne 
Dec 2 Plaza; Glasgow; Supporting St. Ettienne 
Dec 4 University; Warwick 
Dec 8 Wulfrun Hall; Wolves; Supporting The Verve 
Dec 9 University; Manchester; Supporting The Verve 
Dec 10 Cathouse; Glasgow; Supporting The Verve 
Dec 11 The Mill; Preston; Supporting The Verve 
Dec 13 Riverside; Newcastle; Supporting The Verve 
Dec 14 Kings Hall; Bradford; Supporting The Verve 
Dec 16 Krazy House; Liverpool; Supporting Real People  
Dec 22 "Evening Session" Radio 1; Maida Vale Studios, London Performance Date, NEW Pre-FM Source (Full Songs)

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