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UK Promo
"The Word" Rehearsal Session @ Teddington Studios
Ultra-rare Rehearsal tape recorded straight from the VT desk by the crew at Teddington Studios - only known copy in existence. The band runs through Supersonic three times, and in-between there is some chat/jokes between band members (even Tony!). Click here for more information
Plain black slipcase
Plain black slipcase
Live Forever
Plain white slipcase
Cigarettes & Alcohol (Censored)
Plain black slipcase
Cigarettes & Alcohol (Uncensored)
Plain white slipcase
Plain black slipcase
Roll With It
Plain black slipcase
Plain black slipcase
Morning Glory
Plain white slipcase
Don't Look Back in Anger (U.S. Version)
Licensed Repertoire Division copy, Telecine, 4'47", Production Date: 6/5/96, Released: 18/7/96
D'You Know What I Mean
Telecine, R/T 7'22", 9/7/97
Stand By Me (Acoustic)
Telecine, 6/10/97
All Around the World
Full colour slipcase, 12/1/98
Acquiesce (Live)
Custom White "Masterplan Logo" Slipcase; Directed by Jill Furmanovsky
The Masterplan (Live at Knebworth)
Telecine, R/T 5'15" - 12/11/98
Carnation (Liam & Steve Craddock)
Telecine, Ignition Records R/T 3'15", 14/9/99
"Exclusive Interview Footage"
Free gift with SOTSOG purchased at HMV Stores around launch the date
Later with Jools Holland 2000
Telecine Promo Video - R/T:57'00"; VHS PAL Stereo; Big Brother Recordings, 23/3/00
Go Let it Out
Telecine, R/T 4'46", 20/12/99
Who Feels Love?
Full colour slipcase, Anglo Plugging sticker with release date: 17/4/00
Sunday Morning Call
Director's Cut, 5'31", 3/7/00
Familiar to Millions
Telecine, R/T 115'49" 3/10/00
Gas Panic (Live from Wembley)
Telecine, R/T 7'03", 13/11/00
The Hindu Times
Telecine RT 4'14"; 15/04/02
Heathen Chemistry EPK
Un-bleeped version; R/T 14'28"; 09/04/02
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Telecine, R/T 4'55", 14/5/02
Little By Little
Telecine, R/T 5'00", 16/08/02
5 x Track Compilation
Telecine, 200 Only Promo inc. Little By Little, Hindu Times, Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Roll With it LIVE, Cigarettes & Alcohol. Stickered Sleeve; Issued 28/08/02
Telecine, R/T 2'46", Released 20/12/2002
TOTP2 Oasis Special
2nd Sense Library Tape - Time-coded with Guide Sound, Series 09 - Show 28
#GB020050039 - Big Brother Recordingds Ltd; R/T 4'16" (Ascent Media)
Don't Believe The Truth EPK
Big Brother Recordingds Ltd; R/T 16'45" (Ascent Media)
Apparently wirhdrawn before release because SONY were concerned it contained too much music for a pre-release promo video
The Importance of Being Idle
Big Brother Recordingds Ltd; R/T 3'53" (Ascent Media)

Euro Promo
EPK - Both Versions
15'47" & 13'58" Versions; SONY Music France (Plain Sleeve)
Go Let It Out
Promo Video with full colour sleeve - given away with purchases of SOTSOG in Spain

U.S.A Promo
Epic VHS promo featuring "UK Radio Edit Version 2" (4'29") in plain white die-cut sleeve - "O-SS-REV-D2-S-080194E" Impact Date 8/30"; NTSC
Live Forever (U.S. Version & Live from the Metro)
inc. U.S. Version (4'42") and Live at the Metro Version. Dated 19.01.95; NTSC
EPIC USA - R/T 4'37"; NTSC
Fire and Skill: The Songs of the Jam
Full colour slipcase; R/T 25m, (#EVS46395) NTSC

click here for tracklisting & photos
Sony Music USA Promo for SOTSOG, "Version One with Music", R/T 15'15"; NTSC
Video Compilation Reel
EPIC 2003/2004 Promo; White sleeve, stickered tape & sleeve contents:
Shakermaker (R/T 5:08), Supersonic (R/T 3:41), Live Forever (R/T 4:42), Rock n Roll Star (R/T 4:36), Morning Glory (R/T 5:00), Roll With It - Colour Re-edit Version (3:59), Wonderwall - Version 2: Single Take Edit (4:23), Champagne Supernova (R/T 5:04), Don't Look Back in Anger (R/T 4:47), Cigarettes & Alcohol - Clean MTV Edit (R/T 4:49), Don't Go Away (R/T 4:52), Acquiesce (R/T 4:02), Go Let It Out (R/T 4:46), Who Feels Love (R/T 5:39), Where Did It All Go Wrong - Director's Cut Version 2 (R/T 4:26), The Hindu Times - Correct Version (4:14), Stop Crying Your Heart Out (R/T 4:55), Sunday Morning Call (R/T 5:31)

Australia Promo
Past, Present and Forever
Sony Music Australia, 46:00 mins; PAL
OASIS (Ozone Special)
Given away free with copies of WTSMG? at Brash's Australia; PAL
Don't Look Back in Anger
No info available...
Live By The Sea (Edit)
Red Music TV Edit, 54'15" Music TV Station Tape, Cut on 16/10/96; PAL
Be Here Now
Promo video compilation given away free with purchases of Be Here Now in Australia; PAL
Contains Wonderwall, Don't Look Back in Anger & D'You Know What I Mean? videos
Be Here Now Video Sampler
Full colour cover. Promo video compilation containing:
All Around The World, Stand By Me, D'You Know What I Mean? & Be Here Now (Live from Earls Court Sept '97)
Instore Video Compile
Sony Music Australia - Looped Promos and Interviews, 81m, 5/8/97; PAL
EPK & Go Let It Out
SONY Music/Shooting Star; Plain sleeve

Japan Promo
Exclusive Fukuoka Audience Pack
Promotional kit given out to select members of the Audience on 01-10-2002 to say sorry for Liam having a sore throat the year before. Includes:
  • "Japan Tour 2002" VHS - Pro-Shot video of Tokyo 29/09/02 and subsequently used by bootleggers as the source for CD and VHS bootleg releases. Label marked: "Only for 10.01 Audience - Not For Sale"
  • "Thank You Fukuoka October 1st 2002 - Oasis" T-Shirt
  • "Oasis" Sticker

Other Promo
V2 Records: Kelly Jones "An Acoustic Preview" [60:58]
Candadian NTSC Promo VHS
Unbelievably rare promotional tape following Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics as he tours the UK in November 2000. It features the only known official recordings of OASIS members NOEL GALLAGHER and GEM ARCHER bringing the house down when they took to the stage to join Kelly Jones for Live Forever(inc.) and I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio at the Dublin Vicar Street Theatre. It also includes behind the scenes footage of Noel and Gem secretly jetting in and drinking and laughing it up with. This tape is believed to never have been distributed at all and was an in house tape only. This tape includes a total of 18 complete/incomplete songs as well as joking with Tom Jones, talking about the tour and the band etc... Also includes footage of Kelly making an appearance with Tom Jones at his concert to do "Mama Told Me Not To Come."

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