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Promo Vinyl

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Oasis Related Promo 12"

UK Promo 7"
Live Forever
UK 7" Jukebox-only Promo, plain white sleeve (Cat #CRE 185)
Don't Look Back in Anger
UK 7" Jukebox-only Promo, plain white sleeve (Cat #CRE 221)
D'You Know What I Mean?
UK 7" Jukebox-only Promo, in custom box. 300 Only, numbered #271. Includes 7" Interview Disc (recorded 1997) and certificate.

UK Promo 12"
Supersonic [FAKE]
(CRE 176TP)
D'You Know What I Mean? [FAKE]
(CRE 256TP)
Fuckin in the Bushes
White Label Promo, inc. DJ Comments Sheet from the promoter
Go Let it Out
Who Feels Love?
(RKID 003TP)
Sunday Morning Call
12" Promo (Cat #RKID 004TP)
10 Years of Noise & Confusion
10" Promo for the Noise & Confusion Tour in 2001
The Hindu Times
12" Promo (Cat #RKID 23TP)
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
12" Promo (Cat #RKID 24TP)
Hung in a Bad Place
12" Promo (Cat #RKID 25TPX)
12" Promo (Cat #RKID 27TP)
You've Got the Heart of a Star & Columbia (Live) - inc. Songbird artwork stickers
12" Promo (Cat #RKID 006TP)
Pressed on heavy duty vinyl and made to promote the re-release of Definitely Maybe on DVD. This is a re-issue of the first Oasis promo; the legendary Columbia 12" promo from Christmas 1993. This new 12" promo is also housed in a plain black sleeve, just as the first release. Includes the old Oasis logo(!) and comes with A4 press release from Upshot, saying this is limited to 300 copies.
12" Promo (Cat #RKID 29TP)
Turn Up The Sun
12" Promo (Cat #RKID 31TP)

Euro Promo 7"
Don't Look Back in Anger / Step Out
Scarce 1996 Belgian 45 in unique wrap around sleeve, live on stage. This is a completely different sleeve than the UK release; Jukebox vinyl disc (which is obviously re-stickered from an acetate pressing of the same disc). (CRE 221)

USA Promo 7"
U.S.A only 7" Jukebox Promo (#78216)
inc. Jukebox Title Strips
U.S.A only Promo 7" with Won't Let You Down (#ES7 55345)

Australia Promo 12"
The Masterplan
Acquiesce/Underneath the Sky/I am the Walrus/The Masterplan
(SAMPMS 6032)

Oasis Related Promo 12"
Tailgunner - Undercover

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