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Interesting imports from overseas...

Euro | USA | Japan | Australia | Taiwan

Euro Import
2 Tracks; Card Sleeve (HES 660317-1)
Definitely Maybe (+ Whatever)
(Austrian) 477318-6
Roll With It
2 Tracks; Card Sleeve (HES 662375-1)
2 Tracks; Card Sleeve (HES661079-1)
4 Tracks; (HES661079-2)
2 Tracks; Card Sleeve (HES 662507-1)
Don't Look Back in Anger
2 Tracks; Card Sleeve (HES 662275-1)
D'You Know What I Mean
2 Tracks; Card Sleeve (HES 664642-1)
Stand By Me
(HES 664999-2)
All Around The World
2 tracks, inc. cover sticker & fan club insert (HES 665269-1)
Go Let it Out
2 tracks (HES 668485-1)
Who Feels Love?
2 tracks (HES 669167-1)
Sunday Morning Call
2 tracks (HES 669388-1)
The Hindu Times
2 tracks (HES 672541-1)
Little By Little
2 tracks (HES 673068-1)
Little By Little Euro Tour Edition
4 tracks, inc. Little By Little Live from Finsbury '02 video (HES 673068-5)

USA Import
5 Tracks (49K 78204)
Don't Look Back in Anger
2 Tracks; Card Sleeve (34K 78356)
The Singles Collection Volume 1 (Canadian Import)
Definitely Maybe Singles box set - unique HMV Canada card sleeve (IMP04 91994) containing the following Euro Imports:
SUPERSONIC (Supersonic, Take Me Away, I Will Believe-Live, Columbia-White Label Demo) HES 660317-2
SHAKERMAKER (Shakermaker, D'Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?, Alive-8 Demo track, Bring It On Down-Live) HES 660689-2
LIVE FOREVER (Live Forever-Radio Edit, Live Forever, Up In The Sky-Acoustic, Supersonic-live April '94) HES 660489-2
WHATEVER (Whatever, It's Good To Be Free, Half The World Away, Slide Away) HES661079-2
The Singles Collection Volume 2 (Canadian Import)
Morning Glory Singles box set - unique HMV Canada card sleeve (IMP04 91995) containing the following Euro Imports:
SOME MIGHT SAY (Some Might Say, Talk Tonight, Acquiesce, Head Shrinker) HES 661448-2
ROLL WITH IT (Roll With It, It's Better People, Rockin' Chair, Live Forever-Live at Glastonbury '95) HES 662335-2
WONDERWALL (Wonderwall, Round Our Way, The Swamp Song, The Master Plan) HES 662507-2
DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER (Don' t Look Back in Anger, Step Out, Underneath the Sky, Cum On Feel The Noize) HES 662725-2
Be Here Now
(EK 68530)
The X-Files: The Album
WHFS Just Passin Thru Vol. 2
inc. Don't Go Away live Backstage at the Patriot Centre Jan 1998
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
(EK 63586)
Don't Believe The Truth
DualDisc CD/DVD version inc. "Best Buy" exclusive bonus disc of 1994 Chicago Metro tracks (EPIC #EN 94779)

Japan Import
Definitely Maybe
13 Tracks - inc. Sad Song; ESCA 6045
6 track EP; ESCA 6127
Some Might Say
6 track EP (inc. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away); ESCA 6251
Roll With It
(ESCA 6291)
All Around the World
(ESCA 6911)
Don't Go Away
ESCA 6948
The Masterplan
Ltd Edition w/ Booklet, ESCA 7383
Go Let it Out
(ESCA 8114)
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
(ESCA 8118)
Sunday Morning Call
(ESCA 8172)
Heathen Chemistry
inc. "You've Got the Heart of a Star", EICP 111
inc. "Songbird", "Songbird (Demo)" & "Columbia (Live at Glasgow Barrowlands 13/10/01)"; EICP 194
Don't Believe The Truth
inc. "Sittin' Here in Silence (On My Own)", "I Can See It Now", (EICP 515)
Definitely Maybe - LP Sleeve Reissue [2006]
13 Tracks - inc. Sad Song; EICP 690
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? - LP Sleeve Reissue [2006]
EICP 691
Be Here Now - LP Sleeve Reissue [2006]
EICP 692
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants - LP Sleeve Reissue [2006]
EICP 693
Heathen Chemistry - LP Sleeve Reissue [2006]
EICP 694
Don't Believe The Truth - LP Sleeve Reissue [2006]
EICP 695

Australia Import
Definitely Maybe (+ 3T Bonus CD)
Live Forever (5T CD)
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Some Might Say
Roll With It (and Sticker)
Wonderwall (and Poster)
Don't Look Back in Anger
Morning Glory
Champagne Supernova
D'You Know What I Mean
Be Here Now
Stand By Me
All Around The World
The Masterplan
14 Tracks (491830.2)
Goldie - "Temper Temper"
3 Tracks; Card Sleeve (5700872)
Chemical Brothers "Private Psychadelic Reel"
inc Setting Sun live CHEMSD7
Chemical Brothers "Surrender"
inc. Let Forever Be (XDUSTCD4)
Chemical Brothers "Let Forever Be"
Heathen Chemistry w/ Bonus DVD
"Special Limited Edition" 2-disc set featuring card slipcase and bonus screen-printed DVD (Little By Little, Little By Little Demo, 10 Minutes of Noise & Confusion). #5084723000

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Helter Skelter (675920-2)

Taiwan Import
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
(Ltd Edition HES 496844.2)

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