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UK Promo
Familiar to Millions DVD Sampler
Custom card inlay, custom DVD (#DVD 01643 - RKIDDVD005 - LI 04)
Definitely Maybe (2-disc) DVD Promo
Same as commercial 2-disc release, except "PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY" printed by release code #RKIDDVD006X (and actually printed on slipcase, not a sticker)
The Importance of Being Idle DVD Promo
#GB-BOY-0500233 R/T 3'55"
Stop the Clocks Promo DVD [HMV Exclusive]
2T Promo DVD (RKID36HMV) given away with purchases of Stop the Clocks from HMV - includes "Morning Glory (Live from V Festival 2005)" and "Half the World Away (live from Glasgow Barrowlands 2001)".
Custom printed DVDR: "DUR: 4mins 36 secs ISRC: GB1100601920 DVD/PAL".
Includes Anglo Plugging release sticker: "Oasis release 'Stop The Clocks' a brand new EP of classic songs. It features 'The Masterplan' and 'Acquiesce', two of the band's finest songs which were incredibly never singles. Also included are never before heard recordings of 'Cigarettes & Alcohol' (demo version) and 'Some Might Say' (1995 live version). The EP is only available as a one-off collectors edition CD and double gatefold 7" including an exclusive sheet of sticker. It is out a week before the first ever Oasis Best Of, also entitled 'Stop The Clocks', which is an 18 song (chosen by hand) journey thorugh a decade-plus defined by Oasis. Release Date: 13th November 2006 / Anglo Plugging."
Custom printed DVDR: "DUR: 5mins 33 secs ISRC: GB-110-06-01930 DVD/PAL".
Includes Anglo Plugging release sticker:

US Promo
Half The World Away DVD Promo
Giveaway with Stop The Clocks in the USA, inc. Half The World Away [Barrowlands 2001] & Lord Don't Slow Me Down [Trailer]. Custom sleeve [88697 04383-9]

Taiwan Promo
Stop The Clocks Promo DVD
Taiwanese Promo DVD - Acquiesce & Masterplan. Custom sleeve in slimline case.

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