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UK Promo
"Whatever" Promo Tape
Promo copy of early version of "Whatever" single (inc. "(It's Good") To Be Free", "Half the World Away" & "Slide Away"). Plain black tape; contains "All The Young Blues" outro version of Whatever. Bought at auction in 2005.
Mutha of Creation
Cat: NME CRE10
inc. Cigarettes & Alcohol Demo
The White Room Album
Free with Q Magazine; inc. Good To Be Free & Talk Tonight Live from the White Room.
(What's The Story?) Morning Glory
Advance Creation Records Promo Tape, inc. "Hello", "Morning Glory", "Wonderwall" and "Don't Look Back in Anger" (C-CRE 189PX)
Brat Pack '96
inc. Bonehead's Bank Holiday
What's The Story?
Vox Magazine & Radio One giveaway tape
Be Here Now
4 Track Advance Cassette, Red Tape; #C-CRE 219PX
inc. Do You Know What I Mean, All Around the World, Stand By me, It's Getting Better Man
Creation for the Nation
inc. Live Forever Demo
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
Card sleeve; Cat: R-KID 001P
U.S.A Promo
Definitely Maybe
EPIC Preview Cassette
Live at the Commodore
Live recording of the gig at Commodore, Vancouver BC - Jan 29, 1995
Epic Records Promo - 13 Tracks
Japan Promo
Standing on the Shoulder of Giants
Rare EPIC promo tape (ESCA 8118), incl. 8 Page A4 press release in Japanese

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